Jean asked me to help save his plants.  He had purchased the property with a large rooftop terrace.  The previous owners were home everyday so there was no irrigation system other than hand watering.   There was a period of time without any occupancy - and it unfortunately occurred during a heatwave.  

There were two maple trees, two crepe myrtle shrubs, six hydrangeas, and a peach tree.  I could see that there were about a dozen peaches on this tree with dried burnt leaves.  My team set up irrigation, then gently fed the plants over a few weeks.  I could see the peaches get larger.  They looked beautiful!  

When I met with Jean to discuss the terrace, the peaches were ripe on the tree.  Jean graciously invited me to try one.  The peach was so juicy and sweet - it was the best I had all summer!  A delicious, fabulous fresh peach grown above the streets of 14th street in New York City!  Gotta love it!

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